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The Law Firm of Marissa F. Longsworth (‘LFMFL’) was established in Belize City, Belize following Ms. Longsworth’s 5 years in private practice in Belize and 3 years in public sector practice in Jamaica. We place intense focus on the use of technology to provide reliable and continuous service to clients, no matter their time zone. We support individuals and corporations in several areas of general practice such as real estate, corporate & commercial and employment law; and, have specialized skills and qualifications in cutting-edge areas of practice serving clients in the business of the e-commerce and technology, broadcasting and creative industries.

Ms. Longsworth has proven herself as an authority in the niche areas of Internet & Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law, due to her post-graduate qualifications and post-qualification experience in these areas outside of Belize. She has conducted several intellectual property consultancies for entities including the World Intellectual Property Organization, Caribbean Export Development Agency and the Government of Belize.

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 12 A Street, King’s Park, Belize City, Belize, C.A.

(501) 614-0637

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